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My name is Isaac Matias, CEO & Founder of Imats Driving School, CEO & Founder of Destined Wealth Worldwide Team and Co-executive Manager at Damas Body Works. I started with Karatbars International in November of 2015 and started vigorously doing the Business in January 2016. As a Business man and a father to two Handsome boys, I found it difficult to adjust myself financially, because the Business has too many overheads and I knew that once I am gone out of this world it would be difficult for the Business to run without me, therefore I was looking into investing into a System that can run with or without me present, and that would create a cash flow and be able to do some serious SAVINGS and that's how I heard about Karatbars International and I finally knew that I found what I ever needed, because the number one purpose of the Company is savings.

I got involved with this company mostly because I was told that the product of this company is Gold and I got to understand that Gold is the real money and that everyone need to own Gold in their financial portfolio to hedge against inflation or protect their family wealth against any possible collapse of the world economy as we have experienced recently in 2008.

Karatbars International is the brain child of a man named Harald Seiz who launched this company in 2011 and specializes in selling small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. The company headerquarters are located in Stuttgart where they do all sorts of things like marketing, customer service and delivery of their Gold goods. In the last 3 years, this company has expanded into over 140 countries and the vision is to get to 194 countries. Harald Seiz has been in the financial industry since the early 1980’s and has been very successful. In 2008, He decided to get into the metal business and this is where the magic sparked which lead up to Karatbars International creation! As you can tell so far, Karatbars is one of the few mlm companies that decided to get into the gold business.

Karatbars is a wealth building plan, offering 3 optional ways to participate.

Option 1. Open your free international gold savings account and begin saving some of your depreciating paper currency in pure, 999.9 24k gold as money.

Option 2. Refer others and earn commissions from our free affiliate rewards program paid out monthly.

Option 3. Choose an optional business package and position yourself to earn weekly and monthly income from the affiliate rewards program.

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